photoThis blog focuses on embracing the journey to your success.Whether you are pursuing your dream career, trying to build a business, or relocating to a new city, the first couple of months out of college are not easy. In fact, they can be downright unbearable. But don’t fret! The highs and lows of life make you stronger and they make the journey all the more memorable.

Through interviews, expert advice, and personal stories, I hope to introduce you to individuals who are currently entering or have withstood their “freshman year of life,” with the intention of inspiring you, the reader, with accounts of their struggles and how they managed to overcome them.

The difference between college and “life” is that there’s no syllabus; there is no plan, and many of us are left with the daunting task of creating our own syllabi and formulating our own paths to success.

Here, is where the pity party ends. Get up, and let us toast to our “Freshman Year of Life”.

-Nathalie Cazeau

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