Who’s that Girl?


After graduating from the American University with a Master’s degree in Public Communication, I quickly realized that ‘life after college’ was not as glitzy and glamorous as I’d so desperately hoped. Upon initiating this conversation, with many of my friends, I’d discovered that they, too, had come to this sudden realization. Nevertheless, despite the obstacles we face as millennials entering the professional world, our level of ambition, determination and willingness to make sacrifices, I believe, is bound to propel us forward. In fact, it was these specific qualities, which I noticed in myself and my similarly aged peers, that prompted me to create my first personal blog, “My Freshman Year of Life,” intended to capture the early stages of the journeys of today’s “Young Professionals.

Although I know that I’m not alone in my journey I hope that I can inspire and be inspired by the individuals that I will introduce you too.

 When I’m not helping others, killing the streets with my fashion sense,  or having conversations about my future, find me updating my blog.

“Worry looks around, fear looks back, guilt looks down, faith looks up and I look forward” –  Unknown