Our Family Dinner Crew: NYC 2016

Our Family Dinner Crew: NYC January 2016    Photo Courtesy: Errol Dunlap

When was the last time you went somewhere to unwind and meet people, free of an agenda? Simply to breaking bread and sharing a few hard-bellied laughs? Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend “Our Family Dinner,” an initiative with a sole mission to bring complete strangers together and turn them into family, one dinner at a time!  The brainchild of Lawrence Adjah, “Our Family Dinner” was brought to life 8 years ago, when he became drawn to addressing the need to facilitate community-based family-style dinners for young adults.

Here are my top 5 reasons you should attend:

  1. They greet with hugs and big smiles.
  2. You connect on a strictly personal level. Professional networking and jargon is better left at home.
  3. You share food and create a space where everyone feels important.
  4. You get the opportunity to share major life events, just like you would with your family. (ran half-marathon, new home, birthday, new family (baby) arrival, engagement, promotion, etc)
  5. You create organic relationships, just like you did in the playground as a child. We can get so lost focusing on the amount of social media “friends” we have that we lose touch of the personal interaction. This dinner allows you to put your people skills to the test and gained some valuable relationship by being yourself.

Whether you just moved into a new city, looking to make friends or just need someone to tell you where the best hair salons are located, making a connection is very important. Our Family Dinner allows you to step out your comfort zone by welcoming strangers into your physical and spiritual space as family. This event happens twice a year! The next one in NYC will take place in July!

Check out the website for more info.

5 Fall Trends You Can Incorporate Into Your Professional Wardrobe.

IMG_7478Whose not excited about the myriad of colors, the sweet smell of pumpkin spice,that comes with  the Fall season. It’s such a beautiful time of the year and when it comes to fashion, it is the best one to look forward to. In collaboration with Fashion Stylist Jocelyn Pizarro, I am bringing you the 5 Fall Trends that you can easily incorporate to your work attire on a budget.

1. The 70’s 

Don’t call it a comeback! The most full-on, flamboyant and fun decade has never looked better.If you’re having a hard time finding a few statement pieces in your parents closet, Joefresh.com got you covered with this beautiful Floral Pleated skirt.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.33.12 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.29.15 PM

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elegant eyes ownersThis past weekend Grammy-nominated R&B Diva Chrisette Michele and Elegant Eyes Inc. hosted a spectacular trunk show in downtown East Orange, NJ.Fashion Aficionados as well as music fans of Chrisette swarmed the  largest New Jersey  minority owned optical retailer, looking to get the deets on the upcoming styles for the season . Elegant eyes is no stranger when it comes to  bringing A-list stars in town. In fact, stylist June Ambrose and author Demetria Lucas have both graced their presence before. Owner Cabral Miller expressed the reason why Fusion of Fashion is important to them as a brand.  “Elegant Eyes is always looking for the next hottest thing and so we make sure we merge fashion forward individuals with the products we offer,” said Miller. With an array of trendsetting and powerful signature styles, Elegant Eyes  provides upscale quality eyewear at affordable prices for their clientele.


Chrisette MicheleHowever, the best treat of the evening was definitely being entertained by Chrisette Michele, who wore her Miu Miu frames, while being fitted for your own set of perfect frames. I mean, how many people can say that Chrisette Michele had an impact on their frames?Chrisette’s obsession with eyewear began at an early age. “I was half blind as girl but I also enjoyed playing with my dad’s old frames,” said Chrisette. “As a young girl I was inspired by First Ladies attires in church every Sunday, which means the plaids, the big hats but also their eye wear.” During our conversation the star also dished on some of her future dream projects. “Partnering with Selima Optique for my own eyewear lines would be a dream come true” said Chrisette.  


Guests were treated with delectable catered cuisine, surprise discounts and  the first 60 customers received a complimentary gift bag from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany bag

For additional information on Elegant Eyes, please visit their website at www.eleganteyes.com. and for an update on Chrisette Michele upcoming projects visit Rich Hipster

PS. The article was originally published on Sixincheshigher.com