Hot Night In Haiti :Fonkoze Fundraiser Helping Women Out of Poverty

On November 19th,the Fonkoze committee held their first west coast gala at the Skirball Cultural Center, in Los Angeles California.  The A-List Star-studded event attracted individuals who came to support Haiti’s Leading Microfinance Institution.Fonkoze’s primary mission is to empower Haitians, primarily women, to lift their families out of poverty.


Maitresses de Ceremonie Sanaa Lathan & Garcelle Beauvais

The event included an auction which allowed guest to purchase paintings as well as vacation packages and other well sought after items and experiences. Guests were also treated to a fabulous evening of entertainment by the Debbie Allen Dance Troupe, singers Paul Beaubrun, Malou Beauvoir and performers DJ Tendaji, Massolas Compa Band. Honored  that night were three individuals whose contributions and love toward Haiti could not have gone unnoticed Actress Melanie Griffith,  Dr. Henri Ford, VP and Chief of Surgery, Los Angeles Children’s Hospital and Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr. of the West Angeles Church of God in Christ, Los Angeles.
The money raised that evening went toward providing Fonkoze’s Staircase Out of Poverty program which offers both financial and development services to women looking to empower themselves. By the end of the evening many guests  had a chance to see the benefit of the program by watching  Saincia story, a  mother  of 4, whose determination and also Fonkoze’s Staircase program had helped her  out of property.

As mentioned by philosopher Charles Malik “The fastest way to change society is to mobilize the women of the world.” and if the women of Haiti are given the opportunity to change their household they will be able to not only be the potomitan of their family but to Haiti’s economy as well.

To find out how you can contribute to Fonkoze’s mission click here.

Potomitan:  phrase  used  to describe women’s hard work and role in society.

5 Valuable Lessons from The Three Doctors Foundation Mentor Day

14372051_10153654882651582_1012988330988310449_oAs you probably know by now, my heart is  deeply rooted in helping others. Moving in the states at the age of 12 age, it was strangers that helped me accommodate to my new lifestyle but also helped in regards to pursuing a higher education. This is why whenever I can share information or help  others, I DO IT!

So of course, when my friend reached out to me to become a mentor for a day at the Three Doctors Foundation, I didn’t think twice about it and boy was I glad I got the invitation.  Here I was surrounded by individuals who had questions regarding college, finding their passion and  much more.

14444657_10153654868291582_3150717928921343090_oAlthough my job was to teach my group about my college and career track, by the end of the day , I was the one that walked out with valuable lessons. As my youngest mentee, a six grader told me  “Don’t let fear  stop you from living, go and ride  Kingda Ka.” * he doesn’t know how bad I hate roller coasters* face palm, but I might give it a try this year.

Here are 5 valuable lessons that I learned during my mentorship day.

  1. Impossible means “I’m Possible”
  2. Don’t take challenges personally.
  3. Don’t indict yourself based on your shortcomings.
  4. Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.
  5. Don’t let fear  stop you from living.

Save the Date for the next event!

The Three Doctors Foundation Holiday Health Basketball Benefit/Toys for Teens at Edison Job Corps in Edison, NJ; 1-3pm.


Our Family Dinner Crew: NYC 2016

Our Family Dinner Crew: NYC January 2016    Photo Courtesy: Errol Dunlap

When was the last time you went somewhere to unwind and meet people, free of an agenda? Simply to breaking bread and sharing a few hard-bellied laughs? Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend “Our Family Dinner,” an initiative with a sole mission to bring complete strangers together and turn them into family, one dinner at a time!  The brainchild of Lawrence Adjah, “Our Family Dinner” was brought to life 8 years ago, when he became drawn to addressing the need to facilitate community-based family-style dinners for young adults.

Here are my top 5 reasons you should attend:

  1. They greet with hugs and big smiles.
  2. You connect on a strictly personal level. Professional networking and jargon is better left at home.
  3. You share food and create a space where everyone feels important.
  4. You get the opportunity to share major life events, just like you would with your family. (ran half-marathon, new home, birthday, new family (baby) arrival, engagement, promotion, etc)
  5. You create organic relationships, just like you did in the playground as a child. We can get so lost focusing on the amount of social media “friends” we have that we lose touch of the personal interaction. This dinner allows you to put your people skills to the test and gained some valuable relationship by being yourself.

Whether you just moved into a new city, looking to make friends or just need someone to tell you where the best hair salons are located, making a connection is very important. Our Family Dinner allows you to step out your comfort zone by welcoming strangers into your physical and spiritual space as family. This event happens twice a year! The next one in NYC will take place in July!

Check out the website for more info.