Our Family Dinner Crew: NYC 2016

Our Family Dinner Crew: NYC January 2016    Photo Courtesy: Errol Dunlap

When was the last time you went somewhere to unwind and meet people, free of an agenda? Simply to breaking bread and sharing a few hard-bellied laughs? Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend “Our Family Dinner,” an initiative with a sole mission to bring complete strangers together and turn them into family, one dinner at a time!  The brainchild of Lawrence Adjah, “Our Family Dinner” was brought to life 8 years ago, when he became drawn to addressing the need to facilitate community-based family-style dinners for young adults.

Here are my top 5 reasons you should attend:

  1. They greet with hugs and big smiles.
  2. You connect on a strictly personal level. Professional networking and jargon is better left at home.
  3. You share food and create a space where everyone feels important.
  4. You get the opportunity to share major life events, just like you would with your family. (ran half-marathon, new home, birthday, new family (baby) arrival, engagement, promotion, etc)
  5. You create organic relationships, just like you did in the playground as a child. We can get so lost focusing on the amount of social media “friends” we have that we lose touch of the personal interaction. This dinner allows you to put your people skills to the test and gained some valuable relationship by being yourself.

Whether you just moved into a new city, looking to make friends or just need someone to tell you where the best hair salons are located, making a connection is very important. Our Family Dinner allows you to step out your comfort zone by welcoming strangers into your physical and spiritual space as family. This event happens twice a year! The next one in NYC will take place in July!

Check out the website for more info.

Millennial Dating Tips: What You Need To Write Your Own Fairy Tale

Write Your Own FairyTaleLadies! Are you sitting at home wondering when your Prince Charming will arrive? Are you tired of being home on a Friday night watching Netflix? Well, instead of waiting,why don’t you” Write Your Own Fairy Tale” with  fairy godmother and matchmaker guru, Siggy Flicker. In her newly release book, she’s encouraging women to create opportunities for meeting the right guy. Siggy chatted with us during her book signing at Petite Paperie in Tenafly, NJ and had some great dating tips for young professionals. Sharpen your pencils and start taking notes!

On How to Keep Office Romance on the Hush

“When love comes knocking at your door whether you’re at work, the shopping aisle or the  car dealership, never turn it away.  The reason why people are attracted to each other at work is because they spend most of their time together and most importantly they look their best at work. When it comes to office romance a lot of people turn it away because they don’t want shit where they eat, but I believe you can be discreet. It is important to keep your relationship private at least for 6 months, that way you prevent yourself from being hurt but also have time to learn about your new-found work Beau character.”

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