5 Things I Have Learned From Women Who Lunch Brunch  

A couple of weeks ago, I attended my second Women Who Lunch Brunch, which took place at  Benchmark Restaurant near downtown Brooklyn. Women Who Lunch Brunch is a vibrant online community joined by a group of multifaceted professional women who refused to be boxed in.

Curated by Roodelyne Jean Baptiste, Digital Marketer & Owner of RSocks, this event discussed topics ranging from entrepreneurship, finances to relationship, and also self-love. Honestly there is nothing more that I enjoy in life besides pancakes and mimosa then being surrounded by open-minded individuals with not just dreams but set plans to achieve them. Unlike many brunches that I’ve attended over the past couple of years, this one is by far one of my favorite for a few reasons: everyone is welcoming, they give out hugs, and the attendees are very transparent about their experiences.

Guest speaker Lisa Francoeur Mesa of LinkedIn & owner of Fancyfied dropped some powerful gems during the course of our brunch that definitely helped us shaped our mindset for the upcoming year. The passion in her voice when discussing her lifestyle brand Fancyfied was truly inspiring. The crowd came from diverse background; doctors, professional photographers, designers, and real estate agents who despite their busy schedules are looking to grow and achieve more in their life

Check out these gems Lisa dropped during the bi- annual Women Who Lunch Brunch

Lisa Francoeur Mesa & Roodelyne Jean Baptiste

“People within your network can help or diminish your dreams.”

I can’t stress this enough, you are the sum of the people with whom you spend the most time. As  Kanye said, “Too many Urkels on your team, that’s why your wins low.” If you have movers and shakers well trust me, you too will find way to be one as well. However, as Lisa mentioned if your environment is toxic, no matter how long you’ve been friends with them DROP THEM.

“Carve out time to devote to your dream.”

Despite your job, make time for the side thing until it can become your full-time thing. Rome wasn’t build in one day nor will your dreams. We create excuses faster than we create our goals, but if it’s something that you want to achieve make time.

 Procrastination: You eat what you kill.

Is procrastination inevitable? No, however, don’t let it cripple you nor your dreams. Lisa’s solution to procrastination is quite simple: “Think about all the things you’ve achieved in your life and use that feeling to keep you going.” 

“How you show up anywhere is how you show up everywhere.”

For most of us, we tend to hide our personality when we are at work. However, Lisa mentioned that by being authentic to your values, others will be able to see you shine through. As my mom would say, “The right people will be attracted to you and your essence, so go out there and  be you!

Write down your goals.

What have you done to realize your goal today? Let the reminders and goals you set for yourself haunt you. I know it can sound daunting but don’t let circumstances nor time take away from achieving your purpose in life.

Let me know how you’re planning to wrap up this year’s goals and be on the lookout for the next Women Who Lunch Brunch.


As I’m leaving work this evening, FB notified me that 3 years ago I wrote this article 
Honestly till this day it is one of my top hit articles on the blog and it is the mother of this beauty I’m launching in December. As one mentioned “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”
And a month from now I’ll be launching drum roll please… my online store . Launching my boutique site has been a lonnnnnng time coming!!! As far as my college days, helping others dress up for interviews, borrowing my clothes, and even being a personal shopper. As my college friend mentioned ” I remember you being in my room talking about the things you wanted to get done and the places you wanted to be invited to and to see you doing it is truly inspiring!”
But there are lots of lessons I’ve learned along the way, check them out!
Nathalie! Nathalie with an “H” is her biggest cheerleader, hype WOMAN! Believer! I actually like refereeing myself or . If there’s something I would teach my future kids it is to believe in themselves and don’t be a follower.
I originally completed the business license and paper work in fall 2015! Yep your read it right, however the research, the doubts, the name change,finding the right business partner slowed me down as I was putting way too much thought into it.
Uhmmm there would be days when you feel like talking about it is like doing work.
Boy will they come, in many forms! Your salary bump, the boys, health, and doubts.
But passion will keep the fire burning. It will keep you up at night,it will connect youth people, the universe will work on your favor. literally.If there’s one thing I’ve noticed, is that once you start the universe will help you along the way. From the website, designer, logo, photographer as strange as it seems it was like the pieces to the puzzle were coming together on their own. I haven’t told much but each time I feel closer or achieve a goal I feel like my time is running out. I know so fucking weird. Hence, why I can’t relate to no goal oriented individuals. Like why not use your brain!
But I promise to keep you updated until launch date and please pursue whatever goal that is fueling your soul. No ideas are stupid just believe.  : ) – Happiest have been in a while.

On The Rise: Jerijah West


Jerijah West attended Syracuse University  with hopes of becoming a lawyer. However, along his college journey he was reminded of his true purpose; dancing. Let’s find out more about his path to dancing.

Tell me about yourself.

I was born and raised in Englewood, dancing has always been a form of expressions for me. When they performed the ultra sound, they told my mother, that I will lead the children of God through dance because I was moving so much. Dancing was not something that I chose but it chose me from the womb. It was a higher power that had control of my talents.

How did you get into the dancing industry?

While my mom was a student at William Paterson University, her professor gave her tickets to Batoto Yetu  performance and that’s where I had my had my aha moment. At home my mom was always teaching us about African-American history, so to see people my age dancing and embracing their culture was truly an eye opener for me.

Did you have a back up plan, if dancing didn’t work out?

No I didn’t have a back up plan, considering that my purpose was God’s choice for me, it was always a matter of how I was going to achieve it. If that’s what my purpose is, I can’t have a back up plan.

You’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world and also perform for some very well-known artists, how do you remain humble?

Honestly, traveling is a blessings, you would be surprised how many kids our age don’t have a passport and it’s not because they are closed-minded but because of the lack of financial resources. Every time I travel I find a piece of myself, the cultural exchange can never be taken for granted.

new-headshotIs there an artist or dance you want to work with that you have not yet had the opportunity?

I was blessed to perform for MJ for 30th anniversary and if the opportunity comes by I would love to work with Janet Jackson. However there’s a few people who I know that I will benefit from their experience Fatima Robinson, Tanisha Scott and of course Beyonce; she puts the P in Perfection.

What can you tell someone trying to break into this industry?

Be consistent, have faith and don’t compromise your integrity. Be a sponge and identify people you want to be a mentee or mentor.

If you can write a letter to your younger self what would you tell him about pursuing his dreams?

Understand how important resilience will be in your journey. Stay committed and be YOU! Trust the process, be humble an d always give Thanks.

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