Millennial Dating Tips: What You Need To Write Your Own Fairy Tale

Write Your Own FairyTaleLadies! Are you sitting at home wondering when your Prince Charming will arrive? Are you tired of being home on a Friday night watching Netflix? Well, instead of waiting,why don’t you” Write Your Own Fairy Tale” with  fairy godmother and matchmaker guru, Siggy Flicker. In her newly release book, she’s encouraging women to create opportunities for meeting the right guy. Siggy chatted with us during her book signing at Petite Paperie in Tenafly, NJ and had some great dating tips for young professionals. Sharpen your pencils and start taking notes!

On How to Keep Office Romance on the Hush

“When love comes knocking at your door whether you’re at work, the shopping aisle or the  car dealership, never turn it away.  The reason why people are attracted to each other at work is because they spend most of their time together and most importantly they look their best at work. When it comes to office romance a lot of people turn it away because they don’t want shit where they eat, but I believe you can be discreet. It is important to keep your relationship private at least for 6 months, that way you prevent yourself from being hurt but also have time to learn about your new-found work Beau character.”

On Being Rejected

“A man’s rejection is God’s protection. In life, all we have is the opportunity to take risk, there’s no guarantee that the relationship will work.  Later down the road you will realize that this guy wasn’t a good  for you. So if you’ve been rejected pick yourself up, move on and don’t forget to love yourself.”

On  Following Your Passion

“Whenever you are working or talking about something you are passionate about, you give others an exclusive insider on your magic. Find something you’re passionate about  and people will gravitate toward you.When you’re doing something you love others will see your potential.”

Editor-in-Chief of My Freshman Year of Life and Author Siggy Flicker

Editor-in-Chief of My Freshman Year of Life, Nathalie Cazeau and Author Siggy Flicker

On Online Dating

“Be yourself and stop being afraid. Remember, everything that’s worth it requires risk, hard work, dedication and common sense. Don’t over share personal information but still be interesting. Don’t be afraid to make the first move and meet that person”

On detecting the signs of an abusive partner

“Listen to your guts.  When someone is trying to alter who you are, that’s a sign that you’re not with the right person and you need to run out the door.  Women tend to brush up on the signs of an abusive partner because we are running on a biological clock and we are afraid that we will miss on the opportunity to have children. Know your worth and hold on to it. When you know how to master that, you can master everything in life.”

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