On the Rise: Stephanie Scott

Industry: Public Relations (Beauty)

Hat: CEO & Communicator-in-Chief at First and Last PR

School: Spelman College

Major: Sociology

IMG_4301It was an unpaid internship at Essence Magazine and also the magazine’s beauty closet that set it all off for Stephanie’s Scott career in beauty. Once she discovered what her interest was, she pursued it wholeheartedly. This opportunity not only led her to create her own PR Agency but also to be a mentor to young women interested in the field of communications. As a member of the Board of Directors of New York Women Communications Inc, Stephanie teaches us that opportunities are everywhere, we just have to recognize them. Check out my interview below

1.What lead you to the beauty industry?

It was my curiosity but also my wanting to be a vessel for those who were not properly represented in the beauty industry. In fact, it wasn’t until I started interning at Essence Magazine that I realized that the beauty industry had more opportunity than I thought it had.

2.   How do you start your day?

Very simple actually, I start by checking the weather to see how cold it’s going to be. I may or may not check the news, and have a healthy breakfast. However, when I first started working I used to check my work email first thing in the morning, but I realized early doing so would throw off my schedule and potentially make me late (or grumpy) so I focus on me time in the morning.

3. You started your own company, what are 3 mistakes you’ve noticed that entrepreneurs make?

– They over spend their money upfront when starting out. When you look at successful companies such as GlamGlow and Apple, they all started out in a basement. A lot of us when starting out spend so much energy and focus on being something ( Keeping up with the Jones’s) instead on focusing on the product.

– Not keeping their profitability scale in mind.

– Not having a good public relations and marketing plan to differeniate and grow your business. I know of a great one if you’re looking (not so shameless plug).

4. How has social media helped the beauty media?

Social Media has helped the beauty industry tremendously from chat groups to 15-second tutorials and much more. The consumers have many more outlets to get reviews from.

5. Do you use your client’s products before working with them?

That’s a must! When I believe in the brand it helps me to tell their story better.

6. What’s next for First and Last PR?

We just completed a makeover on our website. Next up are two new projects that I’m super excited about: The Iconoclast Dinner Experience June 6 and the Be Beauty-Full event on Saturday, May 9th.

7. Do you have any advice for someone who wants to work in the PR Beauty industry?

Get your toes wet and work really hard. There’s an opportunity in every work environment. Don’t focus so much on where you should be, embrace where you are and make the best out of it. Meet people, dive in, join committees and be involved. Go for It!

Quote that gets you going throughout the day.

“Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says ‘shit, she’s up’”

Who’s that Girl?


After graduating from the American University with a Master’s degree in Public Communication, I quickly realized that ‘life after college’ was not as glitzy and glamorous as I’d so desperately hoped. Upon initiating this conversation, with many of my friends, I’d discovered that they, too, had come to this sudden realization. Nevertheless, despite the obstacles we face as millennials entering the professional world, our level of ambition, determination and willingness to make sacrifices, I believe, is bound to propel us forward. In fact, it was these specific qualities, which I noticed in myself and my similarly aged peers, that prompted me to create my first personal blog, “My Freshman Year of Life,” intended to capture the early stages of the journeys of today’s “Young Professionals.

Although I know that I’m not alone in my journey I hope that I can inspire and be inspired by the individuals that I will introduce you too.

 When I’m not helping others, killing the streets with my fashion sense,  or having conversations about my future, find me updating my blog.

“Worry looks around, fear looks back, guilt looks down, faith looks up and I look forward” –  Unknown