Just wanted to disrupt your weekend with this little gem I heard this weekend “When you say ” I AM…” be mindful of the words that follows, because it is the first step in manifestation” How many of us have told ourselves ” I am tired,fat, giving up, not enough,a failure. just on the basis because of something we wanted didn’t happen!? I am guilty of it myself and I have realized how it can affect my day.  Well what happen if we breathed lives and positive meanings into our every day life! I might be on to something right.

So this week I am challenging you to write 5 positive ” I AM… ”


Here are mines:

  1. I am the girl who would laugh at something that happened yesterday. ( * I know I’m a weirdo)
  2. I am Bold
  3. I am successful
  4. I am capable of receiving the love that I desire
  5. I am Rich ( mentally and physically)

Now it’s your turn!

Let  me know how it goes!





One thought on “I AM BOLD

  1. 1. I am loved.
    2. I am blessed beyond measure.
    3. I am going to live a long and successful life.
    4. I am happy with my life.
    5. I am a great person.

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