I Don’t Do Clubs!

I Don't Do Clubs I have to be honest: I rarely ever surface the club scene unless it’s for a close friend’s birthday celebration; rather, I enjoy concerts, museum trips, hiking, and poetry jams. Since leaving my undergraduate years behind, I’ve gotten over buying the expensive drinks and stepping out in my most impressive club-wear. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like to have fun, it’s just that the club scene can sometimes be overrated

. Of course, when I became acquainted with “I Don’t Do Clubs” (IDDC), I was instantly hooked! The woman behind this ingenious idea, Genese Jamilah, also shared the same sentiments as myself after moving to NYC from Atlanta, and thought that there must be other ways to meet people beside the club.  So, in 2011, the current EBONY Digital Production Manager, decided to expand the social life of young black professionals (in major U.S. cities) beyond the club, and founded IDDC.

From promoting popular brunches to after work mixers to fun networking events, Genese has become the go-to woman for young professionals who are looking for a “different way to party.”  Unlike the conventional methods of advertising local social events, IDDC goes a step further by providing purposeful details about the event in question. For example, Cage’s most popular tags “Bring your Business Cards Boo,” “You Might Sweat Your Hair,” “ Give Back,” and “Future Husbands Potential Ring Scale.”

Recently, IDCC made its services available to iPhone and Android consumers as an app. This transition will undoubtedly prove beneficial to those who are always on the go.


Don’t say I left you out! Hopefully we see each other at one of the IDDC events this summer!

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