Fasten Your Seat Belt: 35 Business Etiquette Tips from Around the World.

plane-2Would you want something as little as, not knowing to break  bread with your hand jeopardize your company from getting a new account? or better yet asking for a “to go” box after your business meeting, jeopardize your reputation? I don’t think so.

Business etiquette varies from place to place. Where discussing business over breakfast,lunch and dinner is acceptable in the United States, the same can’t be done in New Zealand, since dinner is only reserved for social interactions.

As  our world becomes more diverse–and more young professionals are tasked to do business abroad, it has become important to familiarize ourselves with customs from around the world.  Investing extra time in learning these customs, can prevent you from jeopardizing your brand.

Take a look at this infographic below by Zendesk.

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