L’age Amene La Raison : Age Brings Wisdom

If you’ve lived in a Caribbean household, you’ll understand it when I say that my mother has a saying for every little thing. You tell her “Awwww this is too much work” she replies ” Se yeux ki pe travail” meaning ” It’s your eyes that are afraid of the work” and the list goes on.

So of course when my life got hit with a minor setback this week, I wished she was present to feed me her many life sayings.

My reaction to this week news felt like a sting rather than a punch; and I knew right away that my attitude towards it will determine my next opportunity. I’ts scary when you realize how much you’ve matured; seriously. (looking away as I anxiously bite my nails).

As one of my best friend mentioned ” I’ve known you for years and you always find away to figure things out” and I responded ” but what happen if I don’t want to” —-“Uhhhmmm Nathalie, that’s not even close to the person that you are.”

She was right,as I was about to go into my cocoon phase, she reminded me that I’m a caterpillar on the verge of being a butterfly.

So much for turning 24 in two weeks, after all,age does brings wisdom.


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