When I first started college,I went in with a mindset that the friends I had from High School were enough to complete my life and I was not looking forward to new ones. Boy, was I wrong, over the course of four years I became well acquainted with a group of girls that I possibly couldn’t  see myself without these days,one of them Ijeoma whose like a big sister. She recently launched her Youtube beauty page and had the opportunity to be interviewed by The Black Collegian blog, check it out!

About Ijeoma: Nigerian-born, Ijeoma V. Eze, has a B.S. in Business Marketing and an M.A. in Media and Professional Communication from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Communication and Journalism from Regent University, and plans to graduate in May of 2017. Recently, she launched a beauty and lifestyle tips

“What [do] I aspire to be? I want to do it all, [and] I know that is not the most detailed explanation, [so] I would like to start off by teaching. I love to teach. Regardless of your age, you acquire a certain amount of knowledge and what better way to give back than to teach? I think that is why I ultimately started this YouTube channel. Countless times, [I have been] asked by family and friends about my hair [and] makeup [routines] and style. Read more on the Black Collegian

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