How’s your New Year Resolutions Going?

My vision Board

Just wanted to check up to see how everyone is doing with their new year resolutions. Thousands, if not millions of us embarked on a journey that involved losing weight, working out, finding a new job, going back to school and so forth.By the end of the first week, we probably started doubting ourselves with the decision we made. Regardless, I’m here to let you know that you can achieve your new year resolutions with just these 4 tips to keep the momemtum going.

Choose an Accountability Partner 


Hopefully when you decided to throw yourself a vision board party you made time to consider who would keep track of you during the year. We all need someone to push and motivate us and that’s where the accountability partner comes in handy. Not only will they keep you on track but you too will help them as they face challenges throughout the year.

Tackle them by Bits


If you decided that saving money was something you wanted to do this year, that’s great. However, instead of putting $1000 a month toward your savings why not break it down to $250 a week instead. That way it doesn’t feel like it’s a daunting task.

Write Down the Small Achievements


Some of us love to complain about the negative things that take place in our lives or beat ourselves up for not achieving a goal on time. Well let me shift the conversation, why not instead create a jar of “Good Deeds, or Achievements” that take place during the week. You’ll be surprised by how much the good outweighs the bad

Don’t Give Upgiphy

So you had a slip up and skipped leg day or ate a bacon cheese burger. Too often people throw in the towel on resolutions because of one slip up. So what, you had a moment of weakness. It happens! Just take a deep breath, capture how it made you feel, forgive yourself and keep trying.

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