Female Latin Web Developer Finds Her Inner Geek & Creates Networking App.


Technology is here to stay and Raygrid Calderon is here to be part of it. She is the pioneer behind dreemkacher,  an application created to make more opportunity for innovators on the rise to seek business placement. When she realized that there wasn’t a platform for the truly talented to showcase their work conveniently, Raygrid put her skills together and created DreemKacher.With use of a visual resume, so to speak, anyone can express what their capabilities are and Rayrgid takes pride in creating something that can not only elevate one’s career but also simplify it. Raygrid is in a pool of very few Latinas and females who are advancing the way we use technology.Lets find out more about Raygrid.


Where were you 6 months after college?

Six months after college I was doing something completely unrelated to now. While I was going to college I was working as a Medical Assistant so I was able to move up at the company I worked for. About 2 months after graduating I worked as an HIV Counselor.

DREEMKACHER is a clever name, what was your thought process when deciding the name?
Thank you! I wanted a name that captured the essence of what I was trying to create. I literally said to myself the app is for dreamers and…catchers.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 10.26.00 PMWe all stumble at some point of our lives, was there ever a time during the creation of DREEMKACHER where you wanted to give up? What did you learn from it?
Great question, the funny thing is as many times as it made “sense” to quit whether it was because of financial reasons or my relationships with loved ones, throughout all the hurdles in my heart I never wanted quit. The feeling I get when I think of dreemkacher is indescribable as if it’s something I can’t walk away from….. Ever. I learned to be patient. My motto is life’s rejection is the universes protection.

What does my freshman year of life means to you?
I literally always say my freshman year of life was 2012. It took me a tremendous amount of pain, amazing highs and awful lows and even stillness to really understand who I am and I promise you nothing was in vain. I learned what ticks me and what stunts my growth and I truly believe that’s because of all my hurdles.

What peaked your interest to start coding?
I sort of bumped into it. My parents bought me my first computer when I was about 13 and they couldn’t put it together so I had to and once it was built I became interested, somewhat obsessive in the logistics of it all. Which led to web developing, hacks and program building which then led to app developing.
How important is it that out this generation understands the value of coding?

It’s a bittersweet time for this generation. As technology advances other creatives phase out. It’s important to stay ahead. Even if you choose a career path totally unrelated to technology, technology will not go away. It’s become a part of our daily lives. With that being said coding should just be as normal as washing dishes. You might not do it everyday or maybe even have to do it at all but it’s something everyone should be introduced to at some point.

How can we ensure that young girls are not intimidated by learning technology?
Technology is a curriculum that should be introduced very early. I believe by the age of 8 children should be familiar with basic tools and programs. If we instill this idea of tech savvy being the norm, young people wouldn’t feel intimidated by it as they age.

Where do you see the app in the next couple of years?
My ultimate goal is to create a platform that exceeds just connecting consumers and customers. I also want to help build start-ups from the ground up.

What do you want people using your app to take away from it?
To learn the difference between marketing/branding a business and being a popular “@”.

If you were to write a letter to your younger self about pursuing your dream what would you tell her?
I would simply say NEVER GIVE UP if it’s what you love.

Complete the sentence
When I am not working on DK you can find me
My favorite quote of all time is …

The highest form of success is to help others succeed

I can’t go a day without having….
A caramel latte

My happy dance move is…
Pat Pat dance from Little Einsteins

Stay connected with Raygrid
Twitter: @DreemKacher
Instagram: @DreemKacher
Facebook PageDreem Kacher

On the Rise: Jereshia Hawk

IMG_2522Denis Waitley, a well-known motivational speaker and author once mentioned that “There are two primary choices in life: to accept conditions as they exist, or accept responsibility for changing them.At the age of 10, Jereshia Hawk was placed in an uncomfortable situation. Growing up without both of her parents, she knew early on that she couldn’t let her negative circumstances consume her. At 19, the only family member that was providing for her passed away and left Jereshia with much more than grievance, but a five-year old son and a grandmother to take care of. From modeling to owning a successful online fashion store, Jereshia made it her duty to strive for success while taking care of her family. She recently launched Empoweryoudaily.org, a website designed with aspiring others to reach their full potential despite the obstacles they might face.Let’s learn more about Jereshia’s journey.

Where were you six months after college?

I was very fortunate to have a job waiting for me. At the time, I was part of an Engineering Developmental Program which offered me the opportunity to learn about the company through their rotations. Being part of the program helped me figure out what I wanted out of my career as an engineer.

What attracted you to civil engineering?

Growing up I loved playing Sims and building houses. While in high school, a teacher recognized my curiosity and exposed me to engineering and architecture. I attended Iowa University for Architecture, however after my aunt passed away, I knew I wouldn’t be able to provide for myself and my family, so I returned home to West Michigan University and majored in Civil Engineering.

How did you balance your entrepreneurial journey (modeling, acting, business owner) while you were pursuing your education?

I love being busy, it keeps me going and alive. During those times, I relied heavily on time management. I was strategic about every step of my life because not only did I have to further my education, I also had to provide for my family who were depending on me. From Monday to Thursday I was focused on my education; Thursday evening to Sunday night I was on the road.

At the end of the day my motivation came from losing both of my parents at a younger age but also providing for my little cousin and grandmother. I had to create opportunities for myself.

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