Carol Frazer Haynesworth Helping Others CoAuthor Their Destiny

Co Author Your Destiny Author photoWe often come across individuals that makes it their duty to extend a hand and help others find their light and passion. Well, to close out the end of Women’s History Month we have found that individual and she goes by the name of Carol Frazer Haynesworth. She is a Marketing Guru who is setting up to release the ultimate go-to-guide to give college students, emerging leaders, and those seeking a career advancement the tools needed to navigate their professional journey.   “Coauthor of your Great Destiny: What makes ordinary people become extraordinary”  is a book in which readers serve as Co-Authors. This book will help them find their sacred footing towards a fulfilled destiny by overcoming challenges, setting their own pace, establishing integral relationships, and letting faith uplift them to happiness as well as success.Find out about her journey below and her passion to help others be successful.

  1. Where were you six months after college? 

I was in Atlanta starting my first full-time job in the place I had dreamed of, Turner Broadcasting.  How I got there is a different story, as I moved to Atlanta without knowing anyone, with $600 in my pocket and an apartment my father co-signed for me to be able to rent. I would spend my days in the CNN Center passing my resume to everyone who had a CNN badge, and asking them for guidance to join the organization. One angel after another, within 3 months I began the career I today love.

  1.    What do you know about pursuing your passion that you wished you knew earlier on?

To be patient and  know there is a difference between my time and God’s appointed time for my dreams to come to fruition. Patient with the understanding that I must do things every single day to coauthor my great destiny.

  1. Hailing from Honduras, what were some challenges and successes as being an international woman breaking into Corporate America? How has your background influenced you in your career?

The first chapter of my book “Unapologetic You” says the whole story. I chose to be unapologetic of who I was and own every bit of my journey. In more than one occasion my accent, or where I came from was presented as a hurdle for me to be the prototype candidate to excel.  I had it in my mind, that I would redefine that prototype because I was very confident that who I was could only work to my advantage.  I realize that America has painted a clear picture of the immigrant, and I was determined to redefine it not only for Latinos but for people of color.  I worked harder than anyone I knew in perfecting my verbal and written skills, and I learned an additional 2 languages as proof that less is not always more. I can relate to so many people because of my faith, background, my peaks and my valleys, and that makes me unstoppable!

  1.    During this women’s history month, what are some of the challenges women face in regards to pursuing their passion?

We often don’t know our power.  We give it away easily and then it takes us years to gain the ground we already owned. In other words, we over compromise in our personal and professional lives. I find often that we cut ourselves short in ways men don’t. We should be more committed in teaching others how to treat us, and being proud of our value and contributions individually and collectively as women. Often it feels like we exist as an auction, we take the highest bidder instead of commanding our value and our place in life.

  1.    Let’s talk about your newest book, “COAUTHOR OF YOUR GREAT DESTINY What makes ordinary people become extraordinary” What motivated you to write it?

image1I wanted to share with others what is rarely said about the journey to success. It is best illustrated in the chapter “I read between the lines.” I wanted people to remain encouraged and to never ever give up.  Obstacles are truly meant to be overcome. We have a divine purpose to fill in this world, and I often feel like many die without ever knowing what that purpose was to them, or what it meant to the world. I think fear plays a large role, and the inability to transform pain into motivation.  I feel at peace with my journey, and I wanted others to know that winning is intentional. They have the power to coauthor their great destiny!


  1.    What are 3 characteristics that makes ordinary people extraordinary?

1-   Genuine confidence about themselves and their journey.  They are not seeking endorsement, it lives within them. They are in tune with their faith, and they understand that to be great their faith has to come first. First in what they do, how they do things, and how they treat others.

2-   Success is what Success does says a chapter.  Extraordinary people are willing to do the extraordinary to see their dreams come to fruition. They don’t wait on anyone, or tomorrow to build towards their dreams.  They work 10 times harder than who wishes to be in their shoes.

3-   They have a deep understanding of the rules of the game, and they play to redefine those rules.  There is nothing conventional about them or their approach.  Ordinary people spend their entire life learning the rules, extraordinary people learn them and then make them work for them.

  1.    Everyone’s journey is different, what are similar traits you notice in successful people?

They do not seek public approval to pursue what they deem to be their purpose in life, they have a very strong work ethic, they are driven by their passion, and they understand the rules of the game at a higher level.  I find they understand well the alignment between their faith and what they can accomplish.  Faith comes first, and non-believers simply refer to it as believing.

  1.    There are qualified college graduates, professionals right now unable to find jobs, what advice do you have for them and how should they go about branding themselves as experts in their field?

Say yes more than no, you just never know what experience can open the door to the career of your dreams. If it doesn’t open the door it will give you the skill-set and tools to make you a stronger candidate in the field of your choice. I often found advantage based on what others thought was too small for them. Humility is key.  You have to leave room for the unforeseen.

  1.    What are the key lessons you want your readers to take away from the book?

-Winning is intentional and a matter of choice

-God has placed each one of us with great purpose, and it is our responsibility to not only find it but live within it

-No one is born a winner, it is a lifetime process.  It comes with faith, dedication, hard-work, perseverance, positive alliances and friendships. You can begin to coauthor your great destiny today.

-Don’t live for today, build a legacy!

  1. What does the phrase “My Freshman Year of Life” means to you?

A time of self-discovery and hard work. A very defining time, but one you have the power to coauthor.

  1. If you were to write a letter to yourself, what would it say?

Be kinder to yourself! I am a perfectionist and at times I miss the smell of the flowers.

I live life with a sense of urgency.

On the other hand, I would also tell myself well done.  You have coauthored a life you are very happy with, you have a loving family to share it with, and you have never forgotten to give God the glory. You have been imperfect, but imperfect you.

Now it’s Spring time, take a moment to smell the roses, and hear the birds. Even they have great lessons and moments to share

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