As I stepped out the train platform early Tuesday morning, I came across a group of singers sponsored by the MTA- Music Under NYC . Unlike other days where I am maneuvering NYC subway traffic during rush hours, this time I found myself glued to the platform as the group sang  Lean on Me by Bill Withers.

My reaction caught me off guard as tears started to fall down my face partially ruining my makeup. Where was this coming from?  Why the sudden tears?…I was being reminded of how far I came as an individual, how far I came to accept that “failure” is not the end of it all but a lesson and that life is a roller coaster. You see this girl couple of years ago,when faced with life hurdles would keep to herself and handle business as usual. I had the tendency of blocking whatever was going on in my life and putting on this poker face. It was natural and easy to deal with and plus I was never fond of having people in my ” Business”.  I always figured that people had their own things to deal with , why would they want to hear mine? But, when you have a circle of people who LOVES you, they notice unusual patterns, such as being MIA or even the little things like your smile.

Life planMy lack of disappearance from social events, became a red flag to my friends and family and they quickly reached out. It was then I realized that I can’t go through life alone. What was I stressing about ” Life” It wasn’t going how I planned it to be ( Bratty Nat)  I wasn’t satisfied with my job amongst other things. However, even though I complained I managed to  be grateful for the things that were going well.

So as the group sang “Lean on Me” it was a reminder of where I was a year ago and how I managed to push through. If you are out there and you are having a hard time I pray for you.I pray for every twenty somethings trying to figure “life”out; just remember you’re not alone. Just learn to embrace your journey, because later you will realize that it was all part of the process.

Put aside comparing yourself from others virtual prosperity and focus on your goals. All that I ask of you is that you find someone you can lean on, a friend a family member, if anything you should always lean on the word of the Lord for comfort. At the end of the day, we aren’t meant to fight our battles ourselves, reach out to someone.

Love Always.

Nathalie C.

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