Learn How To Shine in Your Professional and Personal Life with Brand Maker, Rana Campbell

Industry: Marketing

Hat: Founder and Editor-in-Chief, RanaCampbell.com

School: Princeton University

Major: B.A, Sociology


Rana Campbell realized early on that in order to live a purposeful life, one must have balance in their professional and personal life, if not it can be overwhelming. In fact she set forth creating a Blog( Ranacampbell.com) to help others SHINE and be successful in their journey. Besides managing her blog and a full-time job as marketing specialist, Rana’s passion for writing has opened up endless opportunities which lead her work to appearing on The Huffington Post, Princeton Alumni Weekly, etc. Let’s find out more about her.

1.Where were you 6 months after graduating from college?

Luckily for me, I had a job before graduating from college. I was three months into my fellowship at the Vera Institute of Justice. However, I was navigating the world of what it meant to be a young professional. It was during those stages that I started both my branding consultation and writing freelance.

2.What are 3 Job search tips you have for current college graduates?

A- You have to get out there and meet people, both (online & offline). Get to know people in the industry you want to be in. Do your research and send emails. Definitely, don’t be afraid to make new relationships but most importantly be open to talk to people who are not in your industry as well. It’s usually those 3rd degree connections that are better at getting you jobs rather than your first degree.

B- Have a passion, have something that you can show/talk people. Find something that is memorable. Pursue something that is important to you

C- Think outside the box. Make your cover letter/ resume stand out. Reach out to the employer by picking up the phone.

3.How can one stay positive when life is hitting you from all sides?

I am not the best at it but I am still learning. My friend has a tattoo that says “This Too Shall Pass.” Meaning whatever you’re going through is only temporary and it will get better with time. No matter how big you think your roadblock may be, you have to step back from the situation, collect yourself and think about the positives.

4. How can young professionals brand themselves?

It starts with trying to figure out who you are first. Branding is making sure that your action and what you’re doing aligns to your overall goal and what you want people to perceive you as. ”I recommend young professionals to do the following:

Do a self-analysis of yourself (strengths, weaknesses, map out your goals) Also read “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, this book does a phenomenal job at capturing successful people sense of self, a trait that young professionals lack.

Experience new things… I had several internships at marketing agencies. I projected  my dream goal and referred to myself as a “Branding & Content Strategist. I put it out there in the world because I wanted people to know my goals, by doing so I was able to create opportunities for myself.

5. What kind of challenges did you face when you were building your blog?

In the beginning, it was figuring out what I wanted to focus on, finding my niche? I wanted my blog to be about everything but also about creating valuable content. Another challenge was that I didn’t know how websites and coding worked. I had to teach myself and I had to become a master of blogging because I didn’t want to pay someone to do it for me.

Last but not least, figuring out the business of having a blog, whether to monetize it or not? It’s was about learning how to build partnerships.

6. Let’s talk Fashion, How can millennials look professional and still be fashionable in the workforce?

Find things that made you feel good. When you feel good you perform better. Taking the time to nurture yourself externally and internally will help you perform your job.

7. Do you have any tips on looking fashionable on a budget?

I have this rule, I have to find something on the sale rack first. I love shopping sales but not everyone loves spending hours looking for the perfect outfit. My key advice would be to invest in quality staple items such as suits, pencil skirts, button shirts.

Don’t sleep on the chain stores (H&M, Zara, Marshalls) no one should know how much you paid your outfit as long you feel good.

Set aside a budget and stay within your means, I don’t believe in being broke if you can avoid.Consignment Shops are also great place to start.

8. What does My Freshman Year of My Life mean to you?

It’s about knowing that the new beginning is full of endless possibilities.

Complete the sentence 

  • You can always find me…Reading or Dancing.
  • My drop everything and dance song is any music that is Dancehall/ Reggae.
  • The current book I’m reading is… The Writer’s Journey by Christopher Vogler.
  • I can’t live without the following: My cellphone and my brain: I really enjoy thinking and I’m fascinated how our brains work. Growing up my dad used to say “You’re never bored if you can think.”

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