Melody Asherman, The Woman Behind Everrything RRouge

Industry: Fashion

Hat:  Designer of Everrything RRouge

School:  Tuskegee University

Major: B.A, Psychology

IMG_7105Melody Asherman’s path to being a designer was not an easy one. In fact, all the road blocks she encountered throughout her journey were only preparing her for the greatness she was destined to obtained. A native of Newark , New Jersey of Liberian descent, Melody’s love for passion peaked when she first designed her prom and graduation dresses in high school. Her willingness to go against the odds is a demonstration of  this well-known quote “If Plan A doesn’t  work, there are 25 more Letters in the alphabet.”Find  out more below about the Designer behind Everrything RRouge.

Where were you 6 months after graduating from college?

Couple months after graduation I was back home in NJ working  at Lane Bryant, that was the only thing I could find in at the time.

What is one thing that you’ve find out about yourself once you graduated from college, that helped you grow?

I’m very determined and ambitious. When I put my mind into it, I will do it. It doesn’t matter how long it will get me to achieve my dreams.

unnamed-5As you are aware, the blog focuses on one’s personal journey to success, have you ever encountered some obstacles and how were able to get over them?

Absolutely, 2011 was the worst year of my life. We are sold this dream that we are guaranteed a job after college. When I realized that I wasn’t able to find a job, I applied to a fashion school in Atlanta, that didn’t go according to plan, I got rejected. I was upset, but I didn’t let this erode my drive. I went forward with my plan B and I invested in myself by taking sewing classes in at Parsons. This helped me tap into my creativity and also helped me meet people in the industry I wanted to be in. In the beginning of the year, I told God that everything was going to be great because I knew that my troubles was not going to last forever. Couple of months later I was working 2 jobs. By putting God FIRST, remaining humble and trusting God, I watched my vision become reality.

My advice for anyone having a tough journey is to trust God and focus on your journey.Our generation tends to compare their lives based on what others post on social media. Though it is very easy to fall into that trap, we may never know what people are going though.

What does the phrase ” Freshman Year of Life means to you?

Freshman Year of Life is investing  in yourself while still learning from the process. It’s being able to learn from mistakes and let the one above plan your journey.

Who do you think is the ER Woman? What defines the Everrything RRouge woman?

Everrything RRougge woman is bold, unapologetic and very confident. It doesn’t matter whether she’s 65 pounds or 365 pounds, when she walks into a room she commands attention and respect.


Where do you go or turn for inspiration?

A woman’s body, because every woman’s body is different. I think about who I am designing for, her curves, how she’s going to wear it and what compliments her. I also believe that the fabric plays an important role in the designs that I create, my love for bold colors and statement pieces shows in the clothes that I design.

What advice would you give a young designer who aspires to be in the fashion industry?

Short term sacrifice, long-term gain, that should be their motto. If you want to become a designer, go for it! Don’t worry about what others have said, work on your short comings and push yourself. It will pay off.

How would you describe your personal fashion style?

I build my outfit around my jewelry I love a Chuncky Necklace. My perfect outfit ensemble consist of a nice pair of ripped jeans, white t-shirt, jewelry and a cute clutch. That’s an outfit that I feel confident in and it’s chic.

Complete the sentence

  • My favorite song is … Grown Woman By Beyoncé
  • My Turnup Song: Holiday by Ding Dong.
  • My dream client would be…. Beyonce!
  • Fun fact about me is …. When I’m home I dance as if I’m performing for a crowd
  • I can’t live without the followings: … God, Love , Champagne and New Adventures

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