On The Rise: Shanice Parker

image1Right after graduating from college, Shanice Parker did what most college graduates do; apply to jobs. When the responses she was expecting did not take place, she used the skill set she had acquired from school and internships and created her own company, Billz Production. Since launching her brand in 2014, Shanice has produced video content with Reality TV- Star, Yandy Smith, MMG Artist Gun Play, GOOD MUSIC artist Designer, and countless others. Let’s find out more about Shanice.

1. Where were you 6 months after college?

Six months after college I was unemployed! I was having the hardest time finding a job. I had my mind set on one thing and that was landing a job with a production company. I already had experience in work environments that I knew I did not want to revisit so it was important to me that I had found a job that made me happy. After countless amounts of job applications followed by no response I decided I would create my own path and created my own production company 10 months after I had graduated.

2. When did you realize that you wanted to go into  production?

I realized I wanted to get into production after recognizing that every time I listened to a song I would visualize a whole music video. Location, colors, even down to how scene should be cut to. I didn’t even realize that was something only I was doing. I finally asked my friend do they see a video when they listen to a song and when they replied no, I recognized this was a talent that I was blessed with. I was always a creative person and I knew production would give me that freedom to produce creative visuals.

 3. You are a serial entrepreneur, how do you stay on top of things image2while  managing your personal life?

Whenever I need time to myself I give myself time. As an entrepreneur you have to remind yourself that you’re doing a great job and you need time for mental relaxation. I just had to come to an understanding that I do things my way and I won’t conform to what people expect me to be doing with my time. As an entrepreneur in this generation if you’re not posting that you’re working it’s as if you’re not working at all and if you post that you’re working people expect you to take a break. My advice to any entrepreneur reading this is to do what makes you happy but to remember you always come first!

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On The Rise: Hamamat Montia

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 4.58.09 PMYou know her as your high-spirited and charming virtual mentor that greets you as “Kings and Queens” as she stylishly strolls down the streets of Ghana or better yet as the Global African Ambassador teaching the rest of the world about Africa’s rich culture.
There is not a box suitable enough to fit Hamamat Montia, because she’s continually tapping into her interests and evolving as time goes by.

Growing up in a small village in Ghana, Hamamat knew early on that life was much bigger than her surroundings. After winning a beauty contest at the age of 17, she took the world by storm with her charm but also her hard work. Lately she has gained notoriety for spreading positive messages every day o others through social media.

We recently caught up with Hamamat, who shared with us her new business venture, balancing work and home life and of course her secret to her skin care regimen and happiness. Check out the video below.


On The Rise: Brittiney Jones

IMG_6921Brittiney Jones is not a stranger to life obstacles. In fact when life gave her lemons, she made the best lemonade out of it and ended up founding her own non-profit organization. While in High School, Brittiney was emancipated at an early age and began paying bills, essentially becoming an adult. It was while working with a case worker she realized  that there were not a lot of resources for people similar to her.  Upon completing her bachelors from Western Michigan University, she moved to Chicago and  founded Chicago Youth Opportunities Initiative, an organization serving youth who are wards of the state in Chicago. While maintaining a full-time role she  managed to  recruit 7 Board Members, 4 Associate Board members and over 20 mentors to the nonprofit.  Let’s find out more about Brittiney.

  1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I attended Michigan State University my first year out of High School for 3 years and finished at Western Michigan University due to some financial hardships. Looking back I’m so glad I had the experience to attend a large school and a smaller university. There’s so many perks to each and I’ve learned so much along the way. Currently I’m working in Chicago for a technology company within Human Resources. I enjoy traveling, learning new things and the outdoors.

  1. Where were you 6 months after college?

Six months after college I began working in sales for a technology company. I created a pretty easy transition for myself. During my last semester I attended our universities career fair where I passed around my business card, resume and interviewed on the spot with a variety of different companies. Shortly after I had some offer’s coming my way and secured a job. I knew early on that I had to began to plan for the next step in my life.

  1. How did you get into the HR field?

While working at my prior company I was contacted by a recruiter through LinkedIn with the opportunity to join a start-up tech company. At the time the company was working out of an incubator with a little over 32 employees and looking to scale. I accepted the job offer because I wanted to have the opportunity to be apart of a company from the ground up, see things happen in real-time and be able to create an impact within the organization. During my time working I began to take on special projects and proved to my CEO that I was deserving then managed to transition from sales to a promotion to a role focused on talent acquisition and development. I wanted to be challenged and further my skill set, I sought out an opportunity with greater responsibilities and landed a managerial talent acquisition role with a myfirst start-up organization.

  1. You are a serial entrepreneur, how do you stay on top of things while managing your personal life?

I use a philosophy called Eat the Frog First. It’s about doing what you don’t want to do first and getting that out the way. I’m a huge fan of list. I love the idea of writing things down and crossing them off as they get completed. I also love calendar invitations. My life both personal and professionally are driven by Google calendar invites. Friends will send me calendar invites for dinner, festivals, the beach and I’ll block off my personal time based on priorities like CYOI, emails, reading etc. I’ve also been looking into a new app called Sloth to focus. It’s a timer and I use it like a game.

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